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           上海河山泵業有限公司(原上海河山液壓機械廠)成立于八十年代,其后重組改為上海河山泵業有限公司,國內泵閥生產規模較大的研究開發制造基地之一,是一家集科研開發、設計咨詢、銷售于一體的經濟實體。 公司自成立以來本著以人才為資本,以技術為動力,以客戶需求為己任的經營理念,堅持“以客戶為中心”的服務宗旨,產品不斷優化、推陳出新。
          Shanghai Heshan Pump Co., Ltd. (former Shanghai Heshan Hydraulic Machinery Factory) was established in the eighties, then re-changed to Shanghai Heshan Pump Co., Ltd., the domestic production of large-scale valve manufacturing base in research and development is one of a set of scientific research and development, design consulting, sales in one economic entity. Since its inception in line with talents, capital, technology-driven, customer demand as its own business philosophy. Adhere to the "customer-centric" principle of service, product constantly optimize, get rid of.
          At present, our factory components produced in China one of the units supporting the widest range of products are exported to the country 24 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and some are gear pumps, pumps for export has been widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, light industry, dye and other industries in the distillation, crystallization, drying, concentration, filtering, and vacuum refining of the inter gas, electric industry in the infiltration and so on, companies have been granted more than ten years in a row "heavy contract, keep promise" in honor title, well received by the customers.
         In the new century, we are determined to start a new and higher research and development of new products, technology development, further promote the business on the scale; product grade; management level. Adhere to the "customers first, sincerity-oriented, credibility first, quality assurance," the purpose, in order to provide customers with first-class services for the realization of a brilliant tomorrow hand in hand.